Community Development

The Community Development Department coordinates and oversees all land development proposals and activities. The Department administers all requests for subdivision, site plan, conditional use, zoning amendments, zoning changes and variances, as well as code enforcement. 

A significant function of the Department is the issuance of permits. Examples of residential permit applications include:

  • Residential Building Permit is required for all new dwellings, additions, decks, porches and porch roofs, all swimming pools greater than 24” deep, spas and hot tubs, accessory structures 200 square feet and over, structural alterations, fences over 6 feet, retaining walls over 4 feet, sidewalks and driveways more than 30 inches above adjacent grade, and demolitions.
  • Zoning certificates are required for sheds detached garages, carports, pavilions, gazebos, greenhouses and pool houses under 200 square feet. Please note that there are size limitations of these structures as they relate to the acreage of your property.
  • Occupancy permits are required for all residential structures whenever there is a change in ownership or residents, not more than once every 2 years regardless of the number of occupancy changes.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Heather Oravitz Building Code Official ext. 4505
Kevin Fields Building Inspector / Code Enforcement ext. 4503
Linda Stremple Secretary ext. 4504
Mark Sanders Building Inspector ext. 4502
David Soboslay Assistant Borough Manager ext. 4202
Sam Prokopik Assistant Planner ext. 4501