PA's Right To Know Law

The PA Right to Know Law guarantees citizens access to all public documents with a few limited exceptions. The Right to Know Law, or RTK, applies to all branches of government in Pennsylvania-Cities, Towns Boroughs, School District, Counties, etc. The RTK law is intended to provide the citizens with the ability to access those records to which they are entitled.

Under the RTK Law, all records are presumed to be public records unless disclosure is barred by: 1) state or federal law or regulation, or judicial order; or 2), privilege, e.g., attorney-client, doctor-patient, or 3) one of the exceptions in Section 708 of the Right-to-Know Law.

RTK Requests can be submitted in different forms. A convenient, printable RTK request form can be obtained by clicking the link below. This form can be mailed, e-mailed, faxed or hand delivered at the Borough offices.

Plum Borough's Open Records Officer is Maria Gingery you can contact her via email.

You can also fax your request to 412-793-4061, attention Open Records Officer.

Click this link to view the: PA Right to Know and the Citizens Guide to the RTK is included to the left of the page.