Snow Removal

The Borough's primary objective during the winter season is to provide for safe travel for emergency services, education and commerce during adverse weather conditions.

Priority Streets:

The Borough's goal is to have priority streets plowed within 12 hours from the time after the snow stops falling. The goal on the priority streets is to achieve bare pavement. 

Neighborhood Streets:

The Borough's goal is to plow neighborhood streets within 18 hours of the completion of the priority streets. The goal on the neighborhood streets is to make the streets passable and provide good traction at stop signs, hills and curves.

No Parking During a Snow Event:

The Borough would like to remind residents that on-street parking is prohibited during any snow event. Vehicles parked in cul-de-sacs prevent snow plow operators from plowing and treating those areas.

The blowing and shoveling of snow onto the cart way of Borough streets is also prohibited. (Ordinance No. 810-08, Appendix A)

On-street parking limits the Borough's ability to provide the effective and efficient service that is our goal. Your cooperation will help us deliver our best winter services.