Traffic Safety

The Plum Borough Police Department is committed to making to making the roadways within our Borough safe for both vehicles and pedestrians.

The police department participates in several federally funded highway traffic safety initiatives throughout the year which are aimed at reducing vehicular crashes and the resulting injuries and fatalities. Among the highway traffic safety issues addressed by these programs are:

  • Impaired Driving – Plum Borough is the grant holder for the East Hills DUI Task Force, an 8 member police cooperative organization whose goal is to reduce and eliminate impaired driving related crashes within the participating jurisdictions. The task force currently consists of the Plum Borough, Monroeville, White Oak Borough, North Versailles Twp, Wilkins Twp, Penn Hills, Oakmont Borough, and Forest Hills Borough Police Departments. The Plum Borough Police Department is a founding member of this task force, which has been in existence in various forms since 1993. The task force targets impaired driving through the use of stationary sobriety checkpoints as well as mobile roving patrols.
  • Aggressive Driving – The Plum Borough Police Department has participated in the PA Aggressive Driving Enforcement and Education Project since 2007. The goal of the project is to reduce the number of aggressive driving related crashes, injuries, and deaths through educational and enforcement activities conducted on targeted roadways which have been identified as having a high number of crashes due to aggressive driving related behaviors. Aggressive driving behaviors include speeding, following too closely (tailgating), improper passing, red light running, and other moving violations. The Plum Borough Police Department participates in several “enforcement waves” conducted through this program each year.
  • Occupant Safety Protection - The Plum Borough Police Department has participated in Buckle Up Pennsylvania’s occupant safety protection program since 2008. Buckle Up PA is a project funded through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation dedicated to raising the seat belt usage level in Pennsylvania through increased enforcement, public awareness and education. The partnership is comprised of municipal police departments, the Pennsylvania State Police, PennDOT, the United States Department of Transportation, and community groups and organizations. Buckle Up PA conducts several “mobilization” periods each year. The goal of the program is to reduce the number of traffic fatalities due to unrestrained passenger vehicle occupants by enforcing existing seat belt laws, educating the public, and encouraging increased seat belt use.

On a more localized level, the police department has programs and equipment in place to address the traffic safety concerns of its residents and visitors; most notably the issue of speed enforcement. The department possesses several types of speed timing equipment used to enforce vehicle speed limits as well as motorist educational equipment such as a radar based speed display unit. In 2012 the department purchased a new piece of equipment designed to assist in identifying problem roadways in which speeding is prevalent. The device, when deployed, collects data related to the traffic patterns experienced on the roadway. That information is then used to develop an enforcement strategy which will be most effective in addressing the problem while using department resources in the most efficient manner.

If you wish to request increased traffic enforcement in your neighborhood due to a traffic condition which you are concerned about, you can contact the police department at 412-795-6800 ext. 4371 during regular business hours or you can leave a message for Traffic Safety Officer Mike DeMarco at extension 4340.