On the Agenda - December 2018

December 2018 Agenda Items
On The Agenda

Planning and Economic Development Committee

  1. Discuss proposed amendments to the Boro Zoning Ordinance
  2. Discuss proposed amendments to the Boro Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO)
  3. Discuss adoption of a new storm water management ordinance
  4. Discuss a request to transfer approvals for Parkside Estates
  5. Discuss the Westmoreland County Comprehensive Plan

Personnel Committee

Public Safety Committee

Parks & Recreation Committee

Finance Committee

  1. Discuss the 2019 Real Estate Tax Ordinance
  2. Discuss the 2019 Local Services Tax Ordinance
  3. Discuss the 2019 Earned Income Tax Ordinance
  4. Discuss the 2019 Tax Anticipation Note
  5. Discuss the 2018 Fund Balance Transfer
  6.  Discuss the 2019 Police Retirement Buyouts
  7.  Disucss the 2016 GOB Proceeds
  8. Discuss the 2019 Vision Financial Group Annual Lease Resolution
  9. Discuss the 2019 Annual Budget

Roads, Equipment and Grounds Committee