New Public Works Facility

After many years of planning, designing and procuring funds, the Plum Borough Public Works Department will be moving to its new home during the month of September 2013.  Conceived in 1999, the idea of a new Public Works Facility took many years to come to fruition due to a number of obstacles none of which proved insurmountable in the end.

Plum Borough Council decided to purchase a 110 acre parcel near the village of Renton in 2003 to provide a new home for the Plum Borough Public Works Department.  Space constraints at the existing facility located behind the Municipal Building on New Texas Road did not allow for construction of the type of buildings that the Borough needed to accomplish its mission.  The property that was purchased for Public Works can also house a multitude of other uses with the eventual goal of moving all Borough facilities to this site in the future.

The current development which began in May of 2012 consists of constructing a new 24,000 square foot Public Works Building, a 9,000 square foot salt storage building, two 2,400 square foot storage buildings, and several storage areas on the property for bulk materials. These facilities will allow the Public Works Department to keep all vehicles and equipment inside which will greatly extend the lifespan of the equipment, reduce the amount of maintenance and reduce vandalism.  The new salt building will allow Plum Borough to stockpile enough salt for an entire season prior to winter to avoid salt storages and also comply with DEP standards for materials handling, and the various storage areas will provide the Borough with adequate space to stockpile materials and supplies needed throughout the year.

Moving forward at the site, Plum Borough Council has decided to construct a new home for the Plum Borough EMS and Renton Fire Department.  During the construction of the Public Works facilities, Council agreed to construct a building pad for future use by Emergency Services.  Council has agreed to issue bonds to cover the anticipated expense of a new building that will house both the Plum Borough EMS and the Renton Fire Department.  The building is anticipated to be approximately 14,000 square feet which will be split by the two entities and allow for proper office space, storage space, conference rooms, locker rooms, training rooms and sleeping quarters for the EMS as well allowing them to keep their entire fleet of vehicles inside.  The construction of this facility will allow the Renton Fire Department to separate their fire fighting function and their social function into two locations and improve their fire fighting capabilities.

An integral part of the EMS/Renton Fire Department project will be extending Old Mine Road and connecting Renton Road to Old Leechburg Road.  This will greatly improve response times by both entities in this area.

Plum Borough Council is planning on holding a joint ribbon cutting for the Public Works building and ground breaking ceremony for the new EMS/Renton Fire Department in late September.

Future phases could see a new municipal building, a new Senior Citizens center, recreational opportunities and other ideas which have yet to be discussed.

All of the construction of these new public facilities has been financed through the existing debt service of Plum Borough and has resulted in no tax increases to property owners in the Borough of Plum.