I just saw something that looked very strange, possibly even a crime, but I'm not sure if I should call 911 since it is not really an emergency. What should I do?

The police department encourages you to report any activity that you observe that may seem suspicious or strange.  Often, many crimes go unreported to the police because witnesses are reluctant to call, either because they feel it isn’t important, or because they think they are wasting the police department’s time and it won’t be taken seriously anyway.

We would like to assure you that no call received will be brushed aside or not given the attention that it deserves.  Concerned and observant citizens provide us with some of our most useful information for solving cases.  Your vigilance allows us to do our jobs more effectively, and with greater success. 

Calling the police immediately will allow officers to respond to an area quickly, giving them the opportunity to possibly stop a crime in progress and/or catch those who are responsible for committing it before they have left the area.