Over the past few years, Repp Road has experienced some surficial landslides along the roadway in two areas causing the roadway to be unstable and therefore posing a hazard to the public.  In order to repair these problems a number of tasks had to be accomplished before work could commence.

Although it appears that the repairs for this project should be straight forward, the actual tasks required to complete this project were anything but straight forward.   A Geotechnical Engineer had a series of boreholes drilled in the slide areas to analyze the characteristics and appropriate uses of the existing soil and rock.  R.F.  Mitall and Associates (the Borough Engineer) then designed the appropriate repairs per the geotechnical engineer’s recommendations.  The extent of the repairs required earth fill to encroach into the existing stream flowing at the base of the slope.  As a result, the Borough had to apply for a permit through the Allegheny County Conservation District and the PADEP/Army Corps of Engineers.  As part of the permit packet the Borough had to submit a Stream Study for Macroinvertebrates, a Wetland Determination completed by a certified Wetland Delineator, and a hydrologic and hydraulic study with calculations performed by a licensed professional engineer.  All of these items were completed in order to determine the proper size of the culvert to convey the stream water. 

 Although this permit normally takes 8 to 12 months to obtain, the Borough was able to get an emergency permit in a shorter amount of time to get the project started in 2015.  During the course of the project (and as with all projects), weather played a major role in determining the appropriate times work could be completed.  Rain delays caused problems from the start.  Road Closed signs were installed for some time prior to construction start-up as the Borough Engineer felt it was not safe for the public to use that portion of the roadway given the conditions and stability of the road getting worse.

The Borough’s contractor will be, weather permitting, paving the road so it can re-open sometime during the week of December 14th.  The contractor will install the bottom layer of asphalt only this year and allow traffic to pass throughout the winter.  In the spring, the final layer of asphalt will be placed and the project will be complete.