On the Agenda - September


September 2017 Agenda Items

Planning and Economic Development Committee


  1. Approve the proposed Parkside Estates Housing Preliminary Subdivision Plan-this is a preliminary subdivision for a proposed 88 unit single family housing plan.  The property is located at the intersection of New Texas Road and PA Rt 380 (across from the Boyce Park Basketball courts).  The property is 81.5 acres and zoned R-1 Suburban Residential.


  2. Approve the Dadamo Subdivision- this is a proposed minor subdivision of one parcel and an un-dedicated street known as Oak Drive into three separate lots.  The property is located on Leechburg Road and is zoned R-1 Suburban Residential.


  3. Approve the Autumn Ridge Housing Plan Phase 3this is the third and final phase of development of the Autumn Ridge Plan.  This phase will require the developer to connect September and November Drives as approved with the master site plan approval.  The property is zoned R-1 Suburban Residential.


  4. Approve the Black Hills Consolidation Plan-the applicant is proposing to consolidate 10 existing lots into one at the end of Black Hills Drive.  The original approved subdivision called for a cul-de-sac at the end of Black Hills Drive.  However, the final 10 lots were never developed and the cul-de-sac was not constructed.  This applicant is proposing to dedicate land to the Boro at the end of the existing developed lots for the Boro to construct/pave a cul-de-sac. 



Personnel Committee

5.  The appointment of a planning commission member-last month council accepted the resignation of a member of the planning commission.  Council will be appointing a replacement for this vacant position.


6.  Approve a settlement offer–the Boro has agreed to settlement offer for a lawsuit that had been filed.


Public Safety Committee

No items this month



Parks & Recreation Committee

No items this month


Finance Committee

7.  Adopt the 2018 Minimum Municipal Obligation (MMO)-the MMO is the specified dollar amount that the Boro must contribute to the various pension plans as determined by law.  The MMO is calculated by the Boro actuary and must be adopted by September 30 for the 2018 Budget.  The MMO amount for 2018 is $651.357 and represents 2.6% increase over the 2017 MMO of $634,344. 


8.  Approve a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for a retired police officer- COLA’s are required as part of the collective bargaining agreement with the police department.  Council must authorize the adjustment as determined by the Boro actuary.


Public Works Committee


9.  Approve a request from Plum EMS- Plum EMS requested permission to install a patio and fencing at the Al Franci building.  Since the property is owned by the Boro, Council must authorize any improvements to the property.