On the Agenda - November 2018

November 2018 Agenda Items

Planning and Economic Development Committee


1  Discuss Memorandum of Understanding for a settlement proposal - EXECUTIVE

2.  Discuss CU-13-18, the Oakmont Country Club conditional use

3.  Discuss a proposed stormwater ordinance amendment

4.  Discuss resolution to approve a 537 plan update by the New Kensington Sanitary Authority


Personnel Committee

5.  Discuss public works employee collective bargaining agreements - EXECUTIVE

6.  Discuss the Hoffman Kennels Agreement for Dog Catcher Services


Public Safety Committee


Parks & Recreation Committee

7.  Discuss the Logans Ferry Community Park


Finance Committee

8.  Discuss the 2019 proposed budget

9.  Discuss advertising an ordinance establishing the real estate tax rate for 2019

10. Discuss advertising an ordinance establishing the local services tax rate for 2019

11.  Discuss advertising an ordinance establishing the earned income tax rate for 2019

12. Discuss a contribution to Plum School District for student safety improvements


Roads, Equipment and Grounds Committee

13.  Discuss public access to the employee parking area during off- hours