On the Agenda - November

November 2017 Agenda Items

Planning and Economic Development Committee

1.  Motion on advertisement of an ordinance amending the existing construction standards

2.  Motion on Oakmont Heights Phase 2

3.  Motion on Plum Creek cemetery subdivision preliminary approval

4.  Motion on Resolution #840-17 updating the Transportation Impact Fee Capital Improvements Plan


Personnel Committee

No items this month

Public Safety Committee

No items this month


Parks & Recreation Committee

No items this month


Finance Committee

5.  Motion on advertsing Ordinance #919-17, establishing Property Tax Millage Rate

6.  Motion on advertising Ordinance #920-17, establishing Earned Income Tax Rate

7.  Motion on advertising Ordinance #921-17, establishing Local Services Tax Rate

8.  Motion on agreement to settle lawsuit


Public Works Committee

No items this month