On the Agenda - May 2018

May 2018 Agenda Items

Planning and Economic Development Committee

1.  Discuss Ordinance #000-18, Jake Brake nuisance ordinance

2.  Discuss SP-02-18, Springer/State Farm preliminary and final land development

3.  Discuss FS-12-18, preliminary and final approval Polosky subdivision

4.  Discuss FSC-14-18, Whiteman Conoslidation Plan

5.  Discuss Resolution #000-18, accepting Lacebark Court in the Whispering Pine housing plan

6.  Discuss Resolution #000-18 for the Greenways, Trails and Recreation Grant for Renton Park

7.  Discuss Resolution #000-18 to oppose House Bill 1620 on Wireless Infrastructure Deployment


Personnel Committee

8.    Discuss hiring custodian

9.   Discuss COLA for retired officers

10.  Discuss an ordinance amending the fee ordinance

11.  Discuss hiring of a school crossing guard

12.  Discuss School Resource Officer Program Executive

13.  Discuss K9 Retirement Executive

14.  Discuss retirement of Community Center Director Executive


Public Safety Committee


Parks & Recreation Committee

15.  Discuss Larry Mills Park ADA Improvements - Change Order #1


Finance Committee

16.  Discuss an ordinance setting the sanitation rate

17.  Discuss Cohen and Grisby Executive


Roads, Equipment and Grounds Committee