On the Agenda - March 2018

March 2018 Agenda Items

Planning and Economic Development Committee

1.  Discuss FS-02-18 River Bend V Subdivision

2.  Discuss FS-04-18 Emanuele-Uber lot line revision plan

3.  Discuss demolition contract - 4 residential structures

4.  Disucss re-approval of the Willow Village Consolidation Plan

5.  Discuss acceptance of simple subdivision - Booth

6.  DIscuss Peoples Natural Gas request for easement


Personnel Committee

7.  Discuss the cable TV franchise agreements


Public Safety Committee

8.  Discuss an ordinance to permit the fire company's to reimburse expenses


Parks & Recreation Committee

9.  Discuss Plum Chamber of Commerce request for their 2nd Annual Eggstravaganza

10.  Discuss resolution for authorizing grant application for Active Allegheny Program


Finance Committee

11.  Discuss an ordinance to offer EIT credits to volunteer fire fighters


Roads, Equipment and Grounds Committee

12.  Discuss the new Boro Building

13.  Discuss a property on Bessemer Avenue

14.  Discuss an agreement with the Renton VFD