On the Agenda - February 2018

February 2018 Agenda Items

Planning and Economic Development Committee

1.  Discuss resolution for the vacant property program

2.  Discuss seismic testing - EXECUTIVE SESSION

3.  Discuss Black Hills Road - Deed for Lot #12

4.  Discuss Memorial Drive Consolidation Plan

5.  Discuss Plum Creek Subdivision (FS-01-18) and (SP-01-18)


Personnel Committee

6.  Discuss job description for the Administrative Assitant in Finance

7.  Discuss 2018 staff salaries - EXECUTIVE SESSION

8.  Discuss 2018-2019 Manager's Contract - EXECUTIVE SESSION

9.  Discuss consultants fees

10.  Discuss Library Board appointment

11. Discuss PBMA appointment


Public Safety Committee

No items this month

Parks & Recreation Committee

12.  Discuss Renton ballfield rental

13.  Discuss Larry Mills ADA Project Phase #2


Finance Committee

14.  Discuss Resolution for Vision Lease


Roads, Equipment and Grounds Committee

15. Discuss Renton ballfield property lines

16. Discuss Ellwood Avenue extension