On the Agenda - April 2018

April 2018 Agenda Items

Planning and Economic Development Committee

1.  Discuss Robinson lot line revision

2.  Discuss Renton Heights Plan #2 Revision

3.  Discuss 2nd amendment to the Renton Mine Subdivision

4.  Discuss Booth subdivision

5.  Discuss Whiteman lot line adjustment as complete

6.  Discuss re-approval of Autumn Ridge Phase 3 Subdivision

7.  Discuss advertisement for conditional use hearings


Personnel Committee

8.  Discuss request to amend Ordinance #893-15, the fee ordinance


Public Safety Committee

9.  Discuss an ordinance establishing fire service fees and charges


Parks & Recreation Committee

10.  Discusss dog park partnership with Allegheny County


Finance Committee

11.  Discuss sanitation rates

12.  Discuss an ordinance to offer EIT credits to volunteer fire fighters and EMS


Roads, Equipment and Grounds Committee

13.  Discuss road paving bids