The deadline to comment on the Environmental Protection Agency  (EPA) proposed permit for an injection well  has been extended to August 9, 2017. The proposed injection well is to be located on Old Leechburg Road in Plum Borough..

Written comments will be accepted via mail or email  addressed to the following EPA contact:


Environmental Protection Agency Region III

c/o James C. Bennett Jr., Branch Chief

Water Protection Division

1650 Arch Street (3WP22)

Philadelphia, PA 19103




The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will hold a public hearing on Wednesday July 26th at 6:30 pm at the Plum Senior Community Center. The subject of the hearing is a permit, applied for by PENNECO Oil & Gas, to use an old gas well located off of Old Leechburg Road as an injection well. The draft permit will allow PENNECO to convert and operate one well for the injection of produced fluids from oil and gas operations into the ground at an interval depth of... 1,896 – 1,936 feet. The permit will be valid for 10 years from the date of signing.

The purpose of the meeting is to take public comment on the application. Anyone wishing to speak at the hearing will need to sign in before the hearing which begins at 6:30

Copies of the permit application, draft permit, statement of basis, and administrative record index are available for review and inspection at the Plum Community Library located at 445 Center New Texas Road. Copies of the draft permits, statement of basis, and administrative indexes are available online at

Interested persons may obtain further information by contacting Grant Scavello by phone at the EPA @ (215) 814-5498.