April 2017 ... On the Agenda

April 2017 Agenda Items

Planning and Economic Development Committee


  1. Set a date and Time for a conditional use hearing for Sprint Communications-Sprint communications is proposing to co-locate a Telecommunications Antenna on the top of the water tower in the Longwood Housing Development.  The property is zoned R-3 Residential and the co-location of an antenna is a “conditional use” in R-3.  To approve a conditional use, Borough Council must hold a public hearing prior.

  2. Consider approval Phase 1 of the Oakmont Heights Planned Residential Development (PRD)- The applicant is requesting final approval for phase 1 of the master site plan PRD which was approved by council in August of 2015.  Phase 1 consists of 8 single family lots and 5 duplex lots for a total of 18 single family dwellings in this phase. 

  3. Consider the adoption of the 2012 Edition of the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) - The Borough Property Maintenance Code currently enforces the 2009 edition of the (IMPC).  The code regulates the conditions and maintenance of all property, buildings and structures, by providing the standards for supplied utilities and facilities and other physical things and conditions essential to ensure that structures are safe, sanitary and fit for occupation.  The ordinance also provides for the issuance of demolitions permits, declaration of unsafe structures and the collection of fees. 

  4. Consider the approval of a plan to consolidate multiple properties on Leroy Street.- The property was previously subdivided into 14 parcels at the end of Leroy Street.  The current applicant is now proposing to re-consolidate the lots back into 1 lot to construct a personal residence.

  5. Consider a request to acquire a vacant/abandoned property - The applicant, owners of 7060 Leechburg Road, request authorization to acquire 7061 Leechburg Road, a vacant structure, through the Allegheny County vacant property program.


Personnel Committee

6. Consider hiring a part-time administrative assistant–The Council personnel committee has made a recommendation to fill this vacant position.

7. Accept the resignation of Mr. Paul Dern from the plum Boro civil service commission-due to his recent appointment to Plum Council, Mr. Dern was required to resign from the civil service commission.

8.  Consider appointing a replacement to Mr. Dern’s vacated position on the Civil Service Commission

Public Safety Committee

9.  Consider the adoption of an amended Borough Solicitation Ordinance- The new ordinance would expand the permitted hours of solicitation from 9am to 9pm from May 1st through September 30th.

10.  Consider a request from the Unity Volunteer Fire Company for a donated vehicle

Parks & Recreation Committee

11.  Consider approval of a proposal from Zambelli for the 2017 Community Days Fireworks Display

              Finance Committee

12. Consider the approval of a proposal for the 2017 Actuarial Expenses-each odd-numbered year, by law, the Boro must have an actuarial study done for the police pension plan. 


Public Works Committee


13.  Consider awarding a contract for the 2017 Overlay (re-paving) project


14.  Consider awarding a contract for the 2017 Seal Coat projects