The Council of Plum Borough is a seven member governing body elected by the residents.  Council members elect a President among themselves.  The Council President is responsible for presiding over all Council meetings, establishing committees and appointing committee chairs. 

The role of Council is to serve and oversee all activities of the Borough. Council is responsible for making policy, passing ordinances/resolutions and the Borough's budget. Council also appoints the members of the the various boards and commissions that serve the Borough. 

Council meets twice a month. Their work session meeting takes place on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm.   At these meetings, the agenda is established for items which require action at the regular meeting.

Regular meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm.  Public comment on any item, on or off of the agenda, is welcome at all Council meetings.  You must sign up to address the Council. 

Minutes are taken at all meetings to record the formal actions taken by Council and to summarize comments and discussion.

Council members serve four-year terms, with no limitation on the number of terms served.